Master Massage Equipment 18 pcs Massage Stone Set

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Basalt rock is originally found deep within a volcano where it remains for hundreds of millions of years, gaining all of its natural properties. All basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which make this stone very effective in massage treatments. Basalt is excellent for holding heat for long period of time and has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use. This, 18 pcs Mini Body Massage Stone Set is designed as an additional massage during other beauty treatment, such as wax treatments, manicures and pedicures. It's suitable for a 30 minutes hot stone massage. Though it's not suitable for a 90 minutes full body massage, it's an added value to your beauty or shiatsu massage.

Key Details

  • 100% Natural Black Basalt: No artificial additives such as wax, dyestuff, chemicals, or radiation.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Comes in a Natural Bamboo Box.
  • Total Hand Shaping: Every stone undergoes meticulous hand shaping.
  • High Standard Water Polishing Technology: 172 hours of water polishing ensures even and smooth surfaces.
  • Enhanced Circulation: Induces vasodilation of blood vessels.
  • Energetic Boost: Provides important energies to the body.
  • Metabolic Stimulation: Increases cell metabolism.
  • Pulse Enhancement: Leads to an increase in pulse.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Promotes deep relaxation of muscles.
  • Backside Stones: 6 large flat ovular basalt stones.
  • Arm, Thigh, and Calf Stones: 12 medium flat ovular basalt stones (4 for each area).

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