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The Dundalk Original Cedar Hot Tub is an exceptional choice for those looking to add a luxurious touch to their backyard. Quality craftsmanship is ensured with 100% western red cedar, aluminum bands, and stainless steel hardware. Enjoy a relaxing soak in hot water with a comfortable 105°F heat generated by a crackling fire, no electricity or chemical treatments required. Unwind in one of our traditional Japanese hot tubs, heating up to 105°F in as little as 4 hours.

Key Details

  • Relaxing Ambiance: Dundalk Original Cedar Hot Tub is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. Crafted from cedar wood, the hot tub creates a cozy ambiance and fills the surrounding air with the distinctive smell of burning wood. The tub can comfortably accommodate two people or larger groups, so you can enjoy time with family and friends even when the weather is cold.
  • Wood Burning Hot Tub:  Enjoy a soothing hot bath, surrounded by the natural beauty of clear western red cedar, while listening to the soothing crackle of a natural wood fire. Heat water in just 4 hours, from chill to warm, with no electrical requirements. Gather family and friends to create special moments in any weather - you won't find better luxury and craftsmanship, all without the need for filtration or chemicals.


  • Sizes (Height x Diameter): 42"x5', 42"x6', 42"x7'
  • Inside Depth: 38"
  • Cedar Benches: 5 Sided Red Cedar benches make a comfortable social setting.
  • Aluminum Bands: Marine grade aluminum bands with stainless steel bolts to tighten the tub. 
  • Solid Cedar: Solid clear western red cedar construction for long lasting life.  
  • Chimney Shield: Stainless steel chimney shield to protect family and friends from the hot chimney.
  • Easy to Assemble: The original hot tub comes packaged in a wooden crate and is easy to assemble in less then 8 hours. 
  • Wood Heater: The internal wood heater comes with a stainless steel shield to keep out any debris from your hot tub.

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