By: Aiden Sears ~ 1/28/2023
Before you decide to purchase an electric wheelchair it is important to know what you will be using the wheelchair for. For example, will you want to take it on an airplane, on uneven terrain, indoors, outdoors, etc. These questions are vital when deciding which electric wheelchair will best fit your needs. In this article, we will touch on the different types of electric wheelchairs and how each of them has a place in the mobility market. 
I would like to preface by saying, the type of electric wheelchair you buy is just as important as who you buy it from. I came across a recommended authorized store, Skyward Medical and found an excellent selection of electric wheelchairs, from Ultra-Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs to All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs, and everything in between. If you would like to know more about Skyward Medical, you can check out their About Us page and see why they are considered a trusted top retailer.
As I said in the beginning, finding the right electric wheelchair based on your needs should be your first step, and Skyward Medical lays out the different types of Electric Wheelchairs in each collection page. 

Best Electric Wheelchairs Online

ComfyGo Mobility Majestic IQ-9000 Long Range Electric Wheelchair With Recline (17.5” OR 20” WIDE SEAT)

The IQ-9000 by ComfyGo Mobility is not only an aesthetically pleasing lightweight electric wheelchair, but it is also equipped with top of the line technology, bringing the user the best experience possible. I will list some of the top features of the IQ-9000 below. 

Customize To Your Liking

With the IQ-9000 you are able to customize the frame color, as well as the color of the cushions. There are several manufacturers who don't allow this option, but ComfyGo Mobility is superior in this regard. 

You even have the ability to get either a 17.5" seat or a 20" seat. On a personal note, I appreciate this feature because I am one of those people who would need a 20" seat. If this option wasn't available I wouldn't be able to get the IQ-9000, so I thank you ComfyGo Mobility for including the larger seat. 

Top Of The Line Technology 

The entire ComfyGo IQ Series Collection is equipped with the best mobility technology on the market.

The IQ-9000 is powered by li-ion batteries and use two brushless DC 220W motors (total of 440W motor power).

Users can control the direction and adjust the speed by using the 360 degrees waterproof, intelligent, universal joystick controls located on the armrest. The joystick contains a power button, a battery indicator light, a horn, speed selections.

Can cover terrains such as grass, ramps, brick, mud, snow, and bumpy roads. 

The two of 7.5AH airline-approved battery gets up to 20+ miles driving distance.

 Fully Assembled

The wheelchair arrives fully assembled in the box. You only need to insert the joystick controller into the armrest. Contents in the box include the wheelchair, battery, remote control, charging unit, and user manual that includes the warranty details. 

After Purchase Service

ComfyGo Mobility prides itself on the customer service they provide to customers before and after their purchase. They have a stellar reputation. 

Feather Mobility Featherweight Power Chair- 33 Lbs.

If lightweight is what you're wanting, then look no further than the Featherweight Power Chair by Feather Mobility, which weighs only 33 lbs. This lightweight electric wheelchair is the lightest one on the market. For such a light electric wheelchair, it has a lot of remarkable features.


Many power chairs require taking them apart in several different pieces, which usually weigh a great deal, making it difficult to transport/lift them into a car and having to disassemble and reassemble them. The Featherweight Power Chair collapses and folds into "one" piece.

Ultra Lightweight

The Feather Power Chair weighs, in total, 33 lbs., which makes it easy to lift into any car or transport.


11 miles on a single charge.


The Feather Power Chair has a 1” seat and back cushions for comfort, armrests that are both padded, and will flip back if you need the extra room to get in and out of the chair.

Airline Approved

The Feather Power Chair's removable lithium battery allows for it to be taken on an airplane.

Bangeran Phoenix Ultra Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

I wanted to include an ultra-lightweight electric wheelchair that checks a lot of your boxes, but won't break the bank when it comes to its cost. The Phoenix by Bangeran does just that. It is an affordable ultra-lightweight electric wheelchair loaded with some cool features. 

Ultra Lightweight

The mobility wheelchair is assembled with an aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame, which makes it stable and secure as a lightweight electric wheelchair, weighing only 42 lbs.

Durable and Stylish

Smart silver aluminum aircraft alloy frame, includes matching footrests. This model power wheelchair is very lightweight and durable, and requires no maintenance.

Comfort on Rugged Terrain

Ergonomically designed for comfort. Operate this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel, or snow, with a long lasting battery life and shock absorber for ride comfort. Has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns easily.

Electromagnetic Brake 

Stops smooth and super safely.

Aviation Travel

FDA Registered, This small wheelchair is convenient, Easy for the Aviation Travel (TSA – FAA). This Hawaii chair adult wheelchair is a compact wheelchair that can travel anywhere you go.

eWheels EW-M45 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The EW-M45 heavy-duty electric wheelchair by eWheels is an electric wheelchair built to perfection. With a weight of 59 lbs. and a weight capacity of 400 lbs., the EW-M45 is ideal for heavier set people. The heavy-duty electric wheelchair doesn't stop there, it also has several other notable features. 

Travel Range                        

15.5 miles

Motor Size                      

Two 180W Brushless Motors

Battery Size                    

Two 12V/6AH Lithium Batteries


Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake


Front 8” solid

Rear 12.5” solid 

FreeRiderUSA Apollo Chair II Power Chair

The Apollo II is a budget-friendly power wheelchair that is designed for versatility and maneuverability. It features a front-wheel-drive system that allows it to traverse various terrains and a high weight capacity of up to 470lbs. The small turning radius of 21 inches allows it to move easily in tight spaces, such as supermarkets, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, making it an ideal choice for those who require a wheelchair for indoor use.

Weight Capacity

470 lbs.

Turning Radius


Top Speed

5 mph


20 Miles by 50ah AGM Batteries / 12 Miles by U1 Batteries

Ground Clearance


Seat Width


Scooter Weight

154 lbs.

Front Wheels/Rear Wheels

12" Solid


Adjustable, Full-Length, Heavy-Duty Padded


What Is An Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair, also known as a powered or motorized wheelchair, is a type of mobility aid that uses a motor to propel the chair forward. It is controlled by a joystick and does not require the use of upper body strength to operate. Electric wheelchairs come in various designs and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the user. They are powered by batteries and can be used for both short-term and long-term mobility needs.

Types Of Electric Wheelchairs

Ultra-Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight electric wheelchairs, weigh 49 lbs. or less! These cutting-edge wheelchairs are designed to provide maximum mobility and ease of use for those who require assistance getting around. Each chair features a durable, yet lightweight frame that makes it easy to transport and maneuver.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

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